Heartbeat of Hardin County
Our Services
Free and Confidential Pregnancy Test
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We offer free and confidential pregnacy tests. No appointment is needed during office hours. Appointments can be made for off hours. We can provide a proof of pregnancy form for Job and Family Services and WIC.
Bridges Classes
Bridges is a long-term support program for parents. Parents attend monthly meetings for which they earn points. The points are then used to purchase items they need for their baby.

Points are earned by attending meetings, doing homework, reading books, attending church, grades at school, having a savings account, having a job and more.

There is a Bridges class for both men and women. Both classes meet the last Tuesday of the month at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Classes last an hour. You can not bring chindren to the meeting.
Emergancy Assistance
We provided limited emergency assistance to walk in clients. We can help with forumla, diapers and clothes.
Infant Car Seat and Crib Programs
Those in need of an infant car seat can attend 3 1/2 hours of classes to receive a new car seat.
Classes are on Wed. from 4:00-6:00 pm and Thurs. from 4:00 -5:30 pm. Clients must attend both days to get a car seat. The program is available as long as we have car seats.

The Crib Program works similar to the car seat program. Contact the office for details.

These programs are based on availablity.

Both programs are funded from a grant from the Hardin County Community Foundation.
Relationships Under Construction
Dating Violence Education
We provide relationship programs in the Hardin County School. Students learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships, signs of dating violence, relationships,
sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, the emotional impact of sex, goal setting, and the importance of waiting until marriage. The program funded through a grant from Hardin County Job and Services.
Youth in grades 7th to 12th can join the classes at anytime. The complete program lasts for eight weeks and will repeat during the school year.

Topics that will be covered are the importance of protecting your fertility, relationships, drug & alcohol awareness, self-esteem, and future goals.

Classes will include discussions, videos, worksheets, crafts, and much more.

Weekly incentives will also be offered. After attending four meetings, girls will receive a charm bracelet. At each meeting they attend, they will earn gems for their bracelet.

Call for class times and more information.

Other Services
Adoption information, referreals, parent programs, peer to peer counseling, 24 hour hotline, materinty clothes, and a resource libarary.